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  • How do I book services?
    You're able to find and select our services on our Pricing/Booking page. This will allow you to seamlessly book any appointment with us as well as give you the option to view and change your bookings, as well as view your files. If you would prefer to speak with someone directly, you may call or text us at any time between 7am-9pm PST. Our phone number is 1-866-826-7427 or 604-442-2297.
  • How much time do I have to cancel a booking?
    It is important to us that all cancellations/reschedules are made 24 hours prior to your booking, this will ensure that a cancelation fee of $150 is waived. For emergency cancellations please call 1-866-826-7427 or 604-442-2297 and speak to a representative. Please note, rescheduling your appointment within 24 hours will still incur a cancellation fee.
  • How quickly will the deliverables of my order be availble?
    At 3D Immersive we understand how important listing content is to you and your clients success, which is why we are committed to having your files in your dashboard available the following morning before noon. *** Orders processed after 6 pm may take longer to appear in your dashboard. For an update on your order, please call 1-866-826-7427 or 604-442-2297.
  • What is the 3D Immersive service area?
    It's very important to us that we are able to reach you and your clients, which is why our service area is from Vancouver to Abbotsford. Our 3 Offices are located in Vancouver, Burnaby, and Port Coquitlam. An additional travel charge ranging from $25-$100 will apply to travel to destinations outside this area. So locations such as Squamish/Whistler please call 1-866-826-7427 or 604-442-2297 for specific travel rates.
  • Do you move items when on site?
    Our content creators capture "as is conditions". Content creators are not responsible for cleaning or organzing the listing environment. We ask that you speak to your clients and review the "Before We Arrive Document" which is included with your appointment confirmation. We also ask that you limit the number of personnel on site.
  • What is a Matterport Virtual Tour?
    A Matterport Virtual Tour is one of the newest and most interactive way to view a home, immersing each viewer into your listings, without you or your clients being there. At 3D Immersive we value a non-invasive sales process for your client. A Matterport Virtual Tour will engages qualified buyers, at anytime, while strengthening their retention to create an offer.
  • How long does a Matterport Virtual Tour Last?
    Matterport virtual tours require "hosting" in order to be displayed, hosting is provided for 3 months. If additional hosting time is required please contact customer services at to request an extension. Virtual Tours may be deleted without notice, after 3 months of hosting.
  • Do Matterport Virtual Tours include Coach House/Suites?
    Matterport Virtual tours are created based on "line of sight" which means if content creators cannot seemless see/travel between spaces they cannot be connected. Eg. Basements suites with only exterior access cannot be attached to main house. Additional fees will apply to connect in such cases.
  • What is a Video Tour?
    A Video Tour is a structured story created to spotlight the features of the home or community that you wish to share. This is a great way to showcase your listing in a way that potential buyers can enjoy from anywhere in the world.
  • How long does a Video Tour Last?
    Video Tours are delivered in the form of a file, which is to be downloaded and saved. This file then can be saved forver. 3D Immersive can also uploaded and share a Youtube URL to be shared.
  • How many photos will I recieve?
    Our standard photo package includes 20 photos. These photos will always come in MLS compliant format as well as High Resolution Print Ready. Should you wish additional photos we do offer those as well at $5.50 / Edited Photo. Some agents choose to upgrade to 40 photos for an additional $50.00. For larger photo packages, please request a quote.
  • What quality can be expected?
    The entire team at 3D Immersive prides themselves in quality that is so consistant that we know you'll be happy with your results regardless of which photographer shows up. Here is a little more about our 3D Immersive Standard. 1. Each of our photographers are trained to capture the best possible images based on site conditions. 2. Color consistency is always top of mind to ensure that the interior of the home looks exactly as the home is. 3. Each image is processed through our blended 2 step editing routine which establishes two sets of eyes for each image produced.
  • How are 3D Immersive Floor Plans Built?
    Our floor plans are built using both the Matterport Schematic Floor Plan system which provides a 98% accurate plan as well as manual measurements by our floor plan technician.
  • How long does it take to recieve a floor plan?
    In most cases each floor plan will be available for download the following day.
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