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Jonnie Graham, LCC

Customer service/satisfaction has always been my personal motivators. Funny enough, when I started 3D Immersive I knew very little about the Real Estate Industry and even less about photography, and nothing about photo editing. In fact, when I started 3D Immersive I didn't even own a camera. The first camera I bought was a Canon Rebel T6i, which I bought on credit and kept returning prior to 30 day return policy. 3D Immersive really has a humble beginning

Whereas today, 3D Immersive has becoming a valued Real Estate Marketing partner to top agents all over Greater Vancouver. We are zipping around the city in our Teslas, shooting with top of the line equipment and employing some of the industry best photographers, video editors, photo editors and more.

It is truly because of continuous learning and high level customer service that 3D Immersive has experienced the success that is has. Even to date I am behind the camera and practising new techniques to improve our deliverables to clients. Most importantly, I still love what I do.   

Lead Content Creator

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Photo Editor



Video Editor


Floor Plan Technician

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